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Without people like YOU our work would be impossible, PROJECT 4 ALL is about team work from those who cook, to the drivers and those who can support us financially. The running costs of the Project are getting higher, especially after a year of Corona Virus measures, the devastating social and economic impact on people’s lives is taking its toll

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Other types of donations sorely needed. Find our Drop Off Points HERE



Individual drinks to give to clients on the streets. Bottles of water, cans of soda pop and juice boxes.

Dry Goods
Rice, Pasta, Flour, Lentils, Cooking Oil, Herbs & Spices, Potatoes, Onions, garlic, milk. Tinned/Jars

Tomatoes, Beans, Frito, Corn, Vegetables etc.

Frozen & Fresh Food Meat, Veg, Eggs etc. Please contact us via Whatsapp 643737584 to arrange a pick up for fresh/frozen goods.



Feminine hygiene products, tooth brushes & paste, soap, shampoo, creams, razors, shaving foam & roll-on deodorant.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please refrain from donating toiletries that are aerosol and or alcohol based.

Meal packaging containers (please contact for size etc.) Thermal food transporting boxes/cabinets Big pans, ladles, serving spoons, knives etc. Plastic cutlery and food wrap, aluminum foil.



Giving a person in need a phone opens up many doors, it allows families, employers and PROJECT 4 ALL a way of keeping in contact. Please ensure you’ve Factory Reset and cleared any data off before donating

We need clothes and shoes of all sizes from Babies to Adults including jackets, coats, socks and underwear. Also towels, bedding and tents.

Please ensure all donations are clean, washed and dry  – Thank you


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