Fun way to help


Events for the Homeless

It can be a bit daunting sometimes wondering which ways you can help, so why not turn your help into a social event?

If you’re part of a group, a gym, class, work team or social network, you can get them involved too. Working as part of a team is always more fun and easier anyway.
1 – Organize a baking day to bake cakes or cookies.
2 – Form a cooking club to meet once a month to cook for the Project, organize a fund raiser together to help with the cost, but this also reaches other people who may not have heard of Project 4 All before too.

3 – Take part in a sporting event or activity and get yourselves sponsored.

4 – Organize an entertainment evening, Live Music, Biker Run, Bingo, Race Night or Performance in aid of the Project. (Remember these events can also be held online – for help on organizing any events on or offline, please contact us for support)

5 – Online fundraiser.




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